Volunteer Assistant

Do you want to work at that volunteers at our festival ?

If you want to apply as a volunteer you must send us your request in writing or via our website or by email.


What will be the volunteer work at the festival?


A little everything: the assembly and disassembly, the towing to inform the public, the reception of the festival-goers, artists and the press, the access to the car parks, the ticketing, the holding of the refreshments and the various stands of restoration, the making of sandwiches, the children’s program, the cleanliness of the places, the animation of workshops … the thousand little tasks that make, also, the success of a festival.


And in return …


A festival is a lot of strong moments, teamwork, emotion, cheerfulness.


A nice way to spend a few days of your vacation.


In exchange for slots that they dedicate according to their availability, the volunteers have free access to the festival’s programming.


Not negligible …. or ??


They enjoy free transportation, drinks and meals, souvenir gadgets, and VIP seats.


This is how we look for you to put a foot of your experience useful in the service of the event of the festival.


We are open to all types of volunteering, and we will be happy to welcome you, we will pay for the volunteer volunteers who will come to work at the festival.


We’re glad us very much about any kind of volunteers Support, a contribution to expenses becomes of course taken over by us!

We look forward to your meaningful advertising,

Presentation and contact! Send us Your application by mail or by post following address:


via Email:




Afrika Festival Nürnberg e.V.,

Zeltnerstr. 19 ….. 90443 Nuremberg